Selected works:
– (c)2023

I’m a visual designer based in Brussels, BE. I'm working with brands to create their identities, tell visual stories and build digital products.

As a socially-minded design researcher, I focus on collaboration to make design more open and accessible, empowering people from all backgrounds.

christine ivanov is a designer (❋), educator () and researcher () based in brussels. 

with six years of experience as a visual designer, christine specializes in brand identity design. her client base spans multiple creative industries. her approach to design revolves around the idea of connecting meaningful narrative with visually impactful designs. by doing so, she places a strong emphasis on carefully and accurately representing the worlds we live in, with the goal of weaving visual narratives that resonate with people.

in 2020, she started a two-year research project at sint-lucas (antwerp, be) centered on collaboration within design, specifically focusing on workshops as a method of learning where different voices are activated in the use of design. the aim was to examine the feasibility of using design as a tool for non-authoritarian knowledge transfer through conducting co-creation, educational, and collective reflection workshops in the field of graphic design.

since 2019, she has taught graphic design at ateliers saint-luc (brussels, be). with the aim of transferring her knowledge to the educational level, she strives to create a unique pedagogical approach that incorporates what she un/learns, breaking away from traditional methods.

This website showcases her expertise in design, with a selection of different projects ranging from commissions to her research practice to playful creations.